Video Services Provider Ooyala Lands $35M From Australian Telco Giant Telstra To Go Big Overseas | B&N Nook content sales up 65 percent; hardware sales sluggish | Square Launches Support for Customer Loyalty Programs | Honestly Wins Pitch In Berlin Competition, As HackFwd's Event Grows Up | It's time to KO the punch card

Video Services Provider Ooyala Lands $35M From Australian Telco Giant Telstra To Go Big Overseas

Posted by TechCrunch
Back in 2007, Bismarck and Belsasar Lepe and Sean Knapp left Google with aspirations to revolutionize in-video advertising. Ooyala didn’t quite revolutionize advertising, but it has found more than a little success in what has become a very crowded market. The company’s video player now delivers cross-device content to over 6,000 domains, reaching nearly 200 million viewers, and the company claims that one in four Americans watch Ooyala-powered video each month.
With its footprint in the states gaining traction, the company is announcing today that it is taking on a big new chunk of capital to expand its reach overseas. Ooyala’s new $35 million round — its fifth to da[...]
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B&N Nook content sales up 65 percent; hardware sales sluggish

Posted by VentureBeat
Barnes & Noble’s Nook segment was a mixed bag for the fourth quarter.
Though quarterly revenues dropped 11% year-over-year, digital content sales were up 65%.
Much of this loss was due to lackluster hardware sales. The company’s Q4 saw the release of the�Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, which was announced in April. There’s no�explicit�mention on how the new device sold, but B&N did note that hardware sales were, on the�whole, down during the quarter.
This decline, the company says, came from lower selling prices, third-party channel partner returns, and, of course, plain old lower sales volume.
It’s possible the wait for the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight[...]
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Square Launches Support for Customer Loyalty Programs

Posted by PCWorld
Square, a startup focused on facilitating credit card transactions at small businesses, began supporting customer loyalty programs in updates of its major apps[...]
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Honestly Wins Pitch In Berlin Competition, As HackFwd’s Event Grows Up

Posted by TechCrunch
Participants of the quarterly event Build organized by the European accelerator HackFwd usually stay in Motel One in Berlin, where Honestlybranded posters suggest guests leave anonymous feedback in exchange for discount vouchers. As it happens, Honestly emerged as a winner of Hackfwd’s Pitch In Berlin startup competition recently (here is a list of all participating teams).
To leave feedback through Honestly, users need to download a mobile app. With this app they can scan a QR code or NFC sticker on the poster and provide the feedback in a form of a one-to-five rating and a comment. The tool is available as a mobile app or a mobile website, so even the feature phone users can leave fe[...]
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It’s time to KO the punch card

Posted by VentureBeat
Digital punch cards for small businesses are a stupid form of loyalty marketing.
LevelUp, Groupon, and now Square are offering small businesses the equivalent of the old punch cards to help them retain customers. These mimic the traditional punch cards that many small businesses have used: for example, buy 10 coffees and get 1 free.
Although such programs are easy to understand, they aren’t creative and don’t really play to a small business’s greatest asset: being small. They also give away money in a way that isn’t particularly effective.
There’s a taqueria near me that offers a stamp with every purchase of $6 or more. Get 8 stamps and you get $6 off the next p[...]
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