Amazon Prime Instant Video Adds Hundreds of Classic MGM Movies, TV Shows | Amazon Prime gets MGM videos & new queue?but it's still no Netflix | The future of news: Mobile, video, data - and crowdsourced | Facebook Tackles Hadoop Achilles' Heel | Online marketing megalith Constant Contact acquires startup SinglePlatform

Amazon Prime Instant Video Adds Hundreds of Classic MGM Movies, TV Shows

Posted by PCWorld
Amazon Wednesday announced a licensing deal with MGM studios to bulk up its Amazon Prime Instant Video[...]
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Amazon Prime gets MGM videos & new queue?but it’s still no Netflix

Posted by VentureBeat
Amazon signed new licensing agreement with MGM Studios that will bring hundreds of movies and TV shows to its Prime streaming video service, the company announced today.
Amazon Prime Members, the $79 annual service offering access to free shipping on tons of items sold through Amazon as well as access to the Prime Instant service, will now be able to watch movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Dances with Wolves, Rain Man and The Terminator, as well as TV series like Stargate.
If you feel like these content licensing announcements from Amazon are starting to blur together, then you’re certainly not alone. Last month, the company added a ton of movies and TV shows from Paramount’s[...]
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The future of news: Mobile, video, data — and crowdsourced

Posted by Gigaom
The Knight Foundation, a non-profit entity that is one of the biggest funders of journalism and media-related projects in the United States, announced the winners of the first round of its Knight News Challenge on Monday in Massachusetts — a contest aimed at funding the next generation of news entrepreneurs. This round was aimed at startups that are taking advantage of existing networks such as Ustream and Twitter, and the winners who are sharing the $1.37 million in prize money are trying to develop video, mobile and crowdsourced solutions to the problem of filtering the vast ocean of news that washes over us every day.
In past years, the Knight Foundation — which was set up by[...]
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Facebook Tackles Hadoop Achilles' Heel

Posted by PCWorld
Running what they believe is the world's largest Hadoop-based collection of data, Facebook engineers have developed a way to circumnavigate a core weakness of the data analysis platform, that of relying on only a single name server to coordinate all operations.
Facebook engineer Andrew Ryan discussed the work-around at the Hadoop Summit, being held this week in San Jose, California. He also posted a summary of his talk on Facebook.
Facebook has what it believes is the world's largest collection of data on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), over 100 PBs worth, spread out over 100 different clusters across its data centers.
While increasingly popular for large-scale data analysis tasks[...]
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Online marketing megalith Constant Contact acquires startup SinglePlatform

Posted by VentureBeat
Constant Contact, a well-known entity in social media marketing and email marketing, has just added a new area of expertise: storefronts and discovery tools for local businesses, via the acquisition of SinglePlatform for $65 million.
Since Constant Contacts bread and butter are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the acquisition makes perfect sense. In addition to its existing suite of “engagement marketing” tools, Constant Contact will now be better prepared to offer their SMB customers services specifically tailored to helping them reach their own local markets better.
SinglePlatform helps businesses publish their information — such as a menu, special discounts, an[...]
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