The 10 Most Annoying Facebook Features | Hands-On With The Microsoft Surface, Inside And Out | Funding daily: Rock out with wireless speakers | 10 innovators changing the game for Internet infrastructure | By the Numbers: Microsoft's Surface vs. Apple's iPad

The 10 Most Annoying Facebook Features

Posted by PCWorld
Tired of hearing about your friends' Farmville crops or them finding out what video you're watching? Here's how to fix the biggest annoyances in the world's most popular social network[...]
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Hands-On With The Microsoft Surface, Inside And Out

Posted by TechCrunch
We just had our first hands-on with the Microsoft Surface, the brand spanking new device which appears to be Microsoft’s loud and clear answer to the Apple iPad, the MacBook Air, the menagerie of Android-powered tablets, — basically, the entire landscape of today’s powerful mobile computing devices. It’s a very ambitious effort that the company is making great pains to emphasize has been built by Microsoft from the inside out, from the hardware to the software[...]
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Funding daily: Rock out with wireless speakers

Posted by VentureBeat
The funding is flowing this mid-June Monday. A big round went to wireless speaker company Sonos today, and a few cloud companies picked up some cash. Check out who else scooped up funding below.
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Heavy Bits, the company that created do-it-yourself guide-making iPhone app Snapguide, has just raised a $5 million investment. Just like it sounds, Snapguide encourages you to create step-by-step guides for DIY projects and recipes.�Atlas Venture, Index Ventures, and Crunchfund participated. Read more on VentureBeat:�Snapguide sha[...]
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10 innovators changing the game for Internet infrastructure

Posted by Gigaom
The world of information technology is always changing. But over the last six years it has started to change more rapidly with the genesis of cloud providers, the growth in the number of giant webscale companies, and the widespread use of virtualization in enterprise environments. A new era is upon us.
In the next five years a new way of thinking about, constructing and operating IT will emerge. Data centers are no longer the size of mini-marts but instead are mega-marts like Rob Roy?s 2.2 million square foot Switch data center in Las Vegas. Servers are no longer the unit of computing, but instead are being taken completely apart or are a mere component in the new data-center sized computer,[...]
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By the Numbers: Microsoft's Surface vs. Apple's iPad

Posted by PCWorld
Here's a look at how the physical and technological characteristics of the market-leading iPad shapes up against the new Microsoft Surface[...]
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